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The Deadline has been extended: September 27, 2017

Note: You can submit even after you graduate, as long as the research was done while you were an undergraduate at UMBC.

2017-18 Editors

Ioana Petricel

Manisha Vepa

Paw Print Manisha
2017-18 Graphic Designer

Samual Buettner


Journal of Undergraduate Research 2017 vol.18

Theophilus Aluko
Computational and Experimental Analysis of Lift Generation of a Model Bird with Stationary and Dynamic Wing Configuration


Abigail Worgul
The Temple of Vesta in the Roman Forum


Brenda Gutierrez
Electrochemical Aptamer-Based Sensor for Measuring Astrocytic ATP Release


Melina Latona
Changing the Nature of Education in the Valleys of Bolivia


Samantha Furman
Skeletal Muscle Atrophy Model


Jennifer Wachtel
An Unlikely Refuge: Jewish Refugees from Nazi Europe in Shanghai, 1933-1945


Amelia Hallworth
Investigating the role of the circadian clock genes PRR5, PRR7, and PRR9 in regulating salicylic acid-mediated immune response in Arabidopsis Thaliana


Richard D. Elliott
It’s Just a Jump to the Right: The Tea Party’s Influence on Conservative Discourse


James Loy
Charge Transfer from Single Semiconductor Nanocrystals to Single Molecules


Caitlin Stone
The Costs of Good Karma: The Effects of Fangsheng on the Chinese Environment and Society


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