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Submission Guidelines

The submission deadline has ended for 2017.

Thank you for your interest in submitting to the UMBC Review! For the best chances of having your work be accepted for publication, please make sure your paper conforms to our style guide (see #3 below). To be published in the UMBC Review, it is necessary for your research to have been completed at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County as an undergraduate student, under the guidance of a faculty mentor (can be an on- or off-campus mentor). Papers should be 8-20 pages in length, including title page and bibliography. Papers exceeding 30 double-spaced pages will not be considered.

All papers submitted for publication in the Review must include the following, to be submitted online by clicking the buttons below.

    1. Application Form
    2. Your paper (8-20 pages), uploaded to the application form, as a Word document. The paper must conform to the UMBC Review Style Guidelines
    3. Demystification Paragraph (include on application form): A paragraph that introduces your paper and explains how you came to study this particular topic. This should not exceed 200 words. The point of this paragraph is to demystify the process of doing research or creative work for UMBC Review readers
    4. Your bio (include on application form): A 150 word biography that includes your name, major(s)/minor(s), graduation date, professional acknowledgements, honors/scholars program affiliations, future academic and career goals
    5. Advisor Recommendation (separate button below to be used by your advisor)
Papers may be submitted to the UMBC Review at any time during the year. The Review is published once a year in April and premiers at URCAD.If you have any questions about these guidelines, please e-mail the editors at or Dr. Susan McDonough at

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