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Research Profiles 2014-2015

Dear Fellow Students… a letter from an undergraduate researcher. pdf icon

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Brandon Alexander Christine Au Aramide Awosika Sara Azeem

Brandon Alexander
NIST Scholar

"R-Separation of Laplace’s Equation in Rotationally-Invariant Cyclidic Coordinates

Christine Au
URA Scholar

"Conflict of Confucian Ideals and Pragmatic Battle Strategies in Romance of The Three Kingdoms

Aramide Awosika
McNair Scholar

"Future Health Services for
Aging Baby Boomers

Sara Azeem
Meyerhoff Scholar

"The Study of rbfA Suppressor Mutations and the Contribution of RbfA to Ribosomal Biogenesis

Sagar Bajpai Amber Barnett Nina Beri Eileen Connell

Sagar Bajpai

"Enhancing the Inducible Mouse Model for Prostate Inflammation

Amber Barnett
URA Scholar

"Depictions of Female Killers in Classical Athenian Literature and Visual Art

Nina Beri
URA Scholar

"Over-production of Fatty Acids
in Cellvibrio japonicus

Eileen Connell
URA Scholar

"Population Genetics of the American Redstart: Locating the Winter Sites"

Melissa Crowhurst Dominick DiMercurio Kelsey Donnellan Alex Eftimiades

Melissa Crowhurst
URA Scholar

"Old Italian Singing"

Dominick DiMercurio II
UBM Scholar

"Simulated and Experimental Effects of RNA Interference on Cell Motility"

Kelsey Donnellan
URA Scholar

The Garden Nutritional Guide

Alex Eftimiades
URA Scholar

Quantum Mechanics in
Curved Spacetime

Jaquon Epps Samantha Furman Nickolette Hanzigiannis Marcus Hockaday

JaQuon M. Epps
McNair Scholar

"The Effects of Traditional and Faith Healing on Ghanaian Mental Health Policies

Samantha Furman
Meyerhoff Scholar

The Dirichlet problem on an Ellipsoid with Polynomial Boundary Values

Nickolette Hanzigiannis
URA Scholar

A Comparison of Mothers’ Expressions of Warmth Towards their Young Children: Does Culture Matter?

Marcus Hockaday
McNair Scholar

The Effect of Technology on Older Adults within A Retirement Community

Abigail Jackson Jared Johnson Zach Johnson Jin Ah Kim

Abigail Jackson
NIST Researcher

New Generation Dental Resin Composites

Jared Johnson
Summer Researcher

"Aerosol Chemical Composition in the Mid-Atlantic Region: Assimilation with Aerosol LIDAR to Provide Insight into Aerosol Sources and Processes"

Zach Johnson
Summer Researcher

Research into Nanoparticles

Jin Ah Kim
URA Scholar

Using Geolocators to Track Migratory Pathways in Baltimore Orioles

Hannah Korangkool Nunghee Kwon Michael Lopresti Austin Maduka

Hannah Korangkool
URA Scholar

Arroy: The Thai Food Court

Ashley Nunghee Kwon
URA Scholar
"Analyze Cell Fate Determination
in Arabidopsis with
Erwinia Amylovora Infection

Michael Lopresti
URA Scholar

"Estimating the Timing of a Major Geological Event Using Sequence Divergence of Freshwater Fishes"

Austin Maduka
Summer Researcher

"Identification of the Stress-dependent Interactome of O-GlcNAcase"

Oleg Makarevich Funmi Makinde Clare McCauley Nkemdilim Ndubuizu

Oleg Makarevich
URA Scholar

How do ∆L24 Ribosomes
Differ from Wild Type?

Olufunmilayo Makinde
McNair Scholar

"Exploring Poorly Understood Psychosocial Factors for HIV Prevention and Treatment in Urban African American Women"

Clare McCauley
URA Scholar

Motivations and Commitments of Participants in UMBC Community Garden

Nkemdilim Ndubuizu

Quantitative Characterization of Elastin in the Wall of the Human Femoropopliteal Artery

Akua Nimarko Andrew Nyanchoka Erin Patterson Nishay Raja

Akua Nimarko
URA Scholar

Expression Profile of Putative Receptors Involved in Xenobiotics Detection in Mouse Olfactory Epithelium

Andrew Young Nyanchoka
McNair Scholar

"The Effect of Contact on Attitudes toward Immigrants and Immigration Policy in the United Kingdom

Erin Patterson
URA Scholar

Five Weeks. 10 Minutes

Nishay Raja
URA Scholar

Improving Spatial Visualization Skills of Engineering Majors at UMBC

Nicholas Rogers Justin Santos Andrea Seas Amir Salar Sepehri

Nicholas Rogers

"EEM Characterization of Surface Waters Along a Rural-to-Urban Gradient in Baltimore"

Justin Santos
Meyerhoff Scholar

Andreas Seas
Summer Researcher

Quantitative Characterization of Elastin in the Wall of the Human Femoropopliteal Artery

Amir Salar Sepehri
URA Scholar

The Study of Chemical Modification of Crotamine and its Interaction with DNA

Deborah Silver Nikko Stewart Gregory Strack Victoria Taylor

Deborah Silver
URA Scholar

Study of the Energy Density Ratio of Galaxy Lobes through Simulation of Radio Galaxy Populations

Nicholas Stewart
URCAD Presenter

"Using Structural Parameters in Transcription Factor Binding Site Prediction"

Gregory Strack
URA Scholar

Temporal Logic and Possible Worlds Semantics

Victoria Taylor
URA Scholar

Characterization of High-Secretion
A. nidulans Mutants through Chemical Genetic Profiling

Grace Tra Queenie Tran Joel Tyson Chelsea Vane

Ngochan Grace Tran
URA Scholar

The Genetic Basis of Host Defense Traits in the Drosophila Host-Parasitoid System

Queenie Tran
URA Scholar

The Role of Peer Social Network and Parental Involvement in Predicting Chinese Immigrant Children’s Socioemotional Adjustment

Joel Tyson
Summer Researcher

Characterization and Optimization of Nanovectors

Chelsea Vane
NIST Scholar

Mark White Pauline Xu Saiah Yates

Mark White
URA Scholar

Infrascapes: A Study of the Invisible

Pauline Xu
URA Scholar

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the ACS-1 Modification of GAPDH using Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Saiah Yates
URA Scholar

The Great Escape: The Effects of Medication and Age on Drosophila Strength


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