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Vol. 2 (2001)

Journal of Undergraduate Research

Sara Abrams
Marlene Mathews
UMBC Review
Jeremiah Berger
Ilse Schweitzer
Nationalism in the Works of Susan Fenimore Cooper
2 Robert Bailey III
The Baltimore Sun and the Coming of the Civil War: From Lincoln’s Passage to the Pratt Street Riots
Rona Benhorin
The Relation of Maternal Self-Efficacy to Mother-Infant Attachment: A Longitudinal Assessment
14 Marlene Mathews
The Role of the Endogenous Serines in the Arrestin-Mediated Deactivation of Bovine Rhodopsin
Emily Lauren Ferguson
Tel Beth Shemesh Summer Program 2000: The Judahite City and Modern Israeli Archeology
32 David Bell III
A Young Voice in the Shadows: Perpsectives on the Origins of the Tube and Commentary on the Modern Instrument

Brian Thompson
The Reform of Welfare: A Devolution in Progress
40 Shira Benhorin
Co-Authors: Lisa Hilley, Marni Switkin

The Relation Between Mother Versus Father Presences and Children’s Distress During Painful Medical Procedures
Erin Cahoon
Run Away from the Subscriber: The Biography of an Eighteenth Century
60 Student Biographies and Acknowledgments 154
Garrett Wright
Intercepting Ideology: Directing Feminist Theatre