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The UMBC Review is a peer-reviewed publication, completely directed by UMBC undergraduate students. All of the articles published in the UMBC Review go through a rigorous peer review process. The Review is indebted to the anonymous off-campus faculty reviewers who volunteer their time to assure the high quality of our publication. We are proud to produce the publication in print format.

Our deadline has passed!
The UMBC Review is no longer soliciting submissions for its 24th edition. Submissions for the 25th edition will take place next summer. We invite researchers of all disciplines to submit their work to our journal then. The Review offers a rewarding opportunity to get your undergraduate research published in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

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Deadlines For Submissions

  • The Priority deadline: August 20, 2022
  • The General deadline: September 16, 2022
  • Deadline for submissions are closed.

Students who submit by the priority deadline receive initial comments on their papers before the final deadline. Students who have graduated, but conducted research as undergraduates within the last year, are eligible to submit their work.

Publish your research from a summer REU, capstone, honors thesis, or other independent work. All majors welcome! Boost your resume or grad school application by becoming a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

Free copies of the current issue are available for pick up at the Office of Undergraduate Research (AOK Library, 216 D).

The UMBC Review Process:
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UMBC Review Staff
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Clair Volkening
CAHSS Editor

Madelyn Pollack
Associate CAHSS Editor

Irina Sbornova
STEM Editor

Oliver Santos
Associate STEM Editor

UMBC Review
Faculty Advisers
URCAD 2022 cover Molly Jones-Lewis
2022 Vol. 23

Dr. Molly Jones-Lewis
Ancient Studies

Laura Schraven
Visual Arts

Journal of Undergraduate Research 2022 vol.23

Maryam Elhabashy

Beyond Alternative: Hijama’s Place in the Health Beliefs of Muslim Women Living in America


Matthew Kelbaugh

Restoring Russian Hegemony in the Caucasus: Coverage of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and the 2008 Russo-Georgian War in Russian and Ukrainian Print Media


Terrence Moore
Social Work

Physician–Assisted Suicide and Maryland’s End-of-Life Option Act


Tristan Heibel

Agency in the Representations of Medieval Aristocratic Women in the Illuminated Manuscripts of Chrétien de Troyes


Keren Herrán
Public Health

Analysis of Mental Well-being of Environmental Migrants in Maryland: A Comparison Study


Melissa A. Williamson

The Role of Art in the Tulipmania Speculation during the Dutch Golden Age

Karina Lopez-Brown
Information Systems

Digital Divide During the COVID-19 Crisis: Lack of Internet Connectivity and Community Mesh Networks


Yoni Isaacs

At the Birth of Modern Socialism: A Comparative Study of the Ideas of Thomas Paine and Thomas Spence


Joshua Walters

Mathematical Model of Computer Viruses Spread on a Closed Network


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