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Entrepreneurship URA Application 2018-2019

Final Submission Deadline for the Entrepreneurship URA Application is February 26, 2018

Note:  ** You must be logged in to myUMBC and logged out of all other gmail accounts in order access the URA application form. Do this, and REFRESH your browser (preferably google chrome).

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**New! Entrepreneurship URA’s provide up to $1,500 to undergraduate researchers to support the development of a solution to either a technical or social problem in collaboration with a UMBC faculty mentor. These solutions can be products or services, address a social or “green” concern, or promote ideas that generate artistic value. To be eligible for an Entrepreneurship URA, you must be enrolled as a UMBC student for the duration of the work proposed.

For more information, contact:
Vivian Armor, Director
Alex. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship
or email

Faculty Mentors submit their support forms here.

Information for Students Applying for a URA:

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Application Advice internet Icon

Funds to the Department form

Mentor Recommendation Support Form internet Icon

Faculty Reviewer Form 

Enroll in PRAC

Example of URA application questions to review, before you apply:

Research Statement of Specific Aim(s), Purpose, or Goals(s) 
(Note: If you are a current URA scholar, explain how this proposal differs from /or advances your current work.)

  1. Motivation: Why is it important to do this work? What background do you have that prepares you to carry out this work?
  2. Competence: What courses, readings, trainings, etc. have prepared you to do this work?
  3. Methods: What specifically will you do to accomplish this?
  4. Dissemination: How do you plan to share the results of your work?
  5. Evaluation: What is the final product of the project? How will this be evaluated and by whom?  What will determine if the project is a success?
  6. Budget: Total funding requested: $__________  Additional funding: Source ___________ Amount ____ Pending ____ Itemized budget: Please list all costs associated with the research, line by line, with amounts.
  7. Role of the Faculty Mentor/Advisor: Describe how your mentor will give support to assist, evaluate, and advise this project.
  8. Additional Information: If you are participating is a larger project led by your mentor or others, what leadership are you providing in the work proposed for this funding?
  9. Literature Review/Citations: Provide a sample of 3-5 sources that have informed the research. Do not include a full bibliography.
  10. Attach your current unofficial UMBC transcript
  11. Mentor letter of support
Submitting Final Projects:

URA final project guidelines
Faculty Advisor Form for URA final paper and UMBC Review submission