Information for Students Applying for a URA:

URA Application

URA Faculty Recommendation Form

Writing a Successful proposal

Application Advice

Funds to the Department form

Faculty Reviewer Form 

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Entrepreneurship URA’s Application

Example of URA application questions to review, before you apply:

Research Statement of Specific Aim(s), Purpose, or Goals(s) 

Note: If you are a current URA scholar, explain how this proposal differs from /or advances your current work.

  1. Motivation: Why is it important to do this work? What background do you have that prepares you to carry out this work?
  2. Competence: What courses, readings, trainings, etc. have prepared you to do this work?
  3. Methods: What specifically will you do to accomplish this?
  4. Dissemination: How do you plan to share the results of your work?
  5. Evaluation: What is the final product of the project? How will this be evaluated and by whom?  What will determine if the project is a success?
  6. Budget: Total funding requested: $__________  Additional funding: Source ___________ Amount ____ Pending ____ Itemized budget: Please list all costs associated with the research, line by line, with amounts.
  7. Role of the Faculty Mentor/Advisor: Describe how your mentor will give support to assist, evaluate, and advise this project.
  8. Additional Information: If you are participating is a larger project led by your mentor or others, what leadership are you providing in the work proposed for this funding?
  9. Literature Review/Citations: Provide a sample of 3-5 sources that have informed the research. Do not include a full bibliography.
  10. Attach your current unofficial UMBC transcript
  11. Mentor letter of support