Vol. 24 (2023)

UMBC Review Staff

A young woman standing outside in front of a wall, which is covered in graffiti

Clair Volkening
CAHSS Editor

A young woman standing outside in front of a brick wall

Madelyn Pollack
Associate CAHSS Editor

A three quarter portrait of young woman in a photographers studio

Irina Sbornova
STEM Editor

A three quarter informal portrait of a young man outside under a tree

Oliver Santos
Associate STEM Editor

Informal portrait of Jordan

Jordan Fisher
Graphic Artist

Molly Jones-Lewis

Dr. Molly Jones-Lewis
Ancient Studies

Laura Schraven
Visual Arts

Journal of Undergraduate Research 2023 vol.24

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Christina Dee
Meghan Kwon
Julia Neylan


Clustered Cell Migration: Modeling Boundary Forces

Esther Olajide, Irina Sbornova, and Madi Kore

Biological Sciences

Breast Cancer-Induced Changes in Adipose Tissue Morphology


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