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Researcher of the Week:

Junaid Bhatti



He is a Biology major and an independent researcher. He is also a Teaching Assistant for both Biology 300 and 303, as well as a tutor for the Math Lab and Writing Center. His future endeavors is to attend medical school, become a doctor, and ultimately make a positive impact on the world. His advice on beginning in research, “Get started early!!! My biggest regret about research is that I didn’t get started as early as I should have. Working in a lab is a very rewarding experience that you learn a lot from. Getting involved early allows you to maximize what you gain and gives you enough time to pursue any long-term projects.”

“Time is an invaluable resource and this is especially true with research.”


Junaid’s research will explore the efforts that will pave the way for the next-generation applications in human regenerative medicine. For more than a century, scientists have been captivated by the regenerative capabilities of the planarian flatworm, which can regenerate a full body from almost any type of amputation. To understand the mechanisms controlling this extraordinary ability, research approaches based on surgical, pharmacological, and genetic manipulations have been used extensively to produce a huge dataset of experimental results disseminated through the literature. The rise of sophisticated machine learning algorithms and computational power has brought upon a novel way of studying these fascinating creatures.

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