URCAD is returning to campus!

April Householder
Dr. April Householder,
Director of Undergraduate Research

After three years as an online event, URCAD will return to in-person this Spring. Join us on April 12, 2023 in the University Center and other venues around campus to see hundreds of research posters, oral presentations, dance performances, films, interactive games, and much more, all presented by UMBC’s undergraduate students. This annual event brings together researchers and artists from all disciplines and showcases the projects that UMBC students have been working on over the last year. Faculty, Staff, Mentors, students, and families are invited! Come be part of the amazing undergraduate research community and be inspired!

URCAD is Wednesday, April 12, 2023. 10 – 4 p.m.

Registration to present at URCAD 2023 is now closed.

URCAD will follow UMBC’s masking policy. Please keep in mind that there will be many people in close proximity at this event.

Keep Masks in Mind by:

  • Carrying a mask with you at all times.
  • When you’re in a meeting or a gathering, asking other people if they would be more comfortable if you wear a mask.
  • Respecting people who choose to mask.
  • Respecting requests from others who ask you to wear a mask.
  • Wearing a mask if you have recently recovered from COVID-19, know you have recently been exposed, or have symptoms.

April Householder, Ph.D.
Director of Undergraduate Research and Prestigious Scholarships

Researcher of the Week

Would you liked to be featured as the Researcher of the Week? If you have participated in a Mentor-led research and want to be featured, please Dr. April Householder at aprilh@umbc.edu.

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