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Research Profiles 2016-2017

Dear Fellow Students… a letter from an undergraduate researcher. pdf icon

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Riley Junaid Renee Kristofer

Riley Auer
URA Scholar
“Illustrating the Unseen: Analogy and Metaphor in an Ancient Gynecological Text”

Junaid Bhatti
Independent Researcher
“Paving the Way for Regenerative Medicine: Curating Planarian Experiments in a Centralized Mathematical Database”

Renee Booker
URA Scholar
“9/11 through the Eyes of the Millennial Generation”

Kristofer Castro
URA Scholar
“Social Standing as a Moderator of Perceptions of Racial Discrimination and Well-Being in Asian Immigrant Mothers”

Niara Devenna Richard Isabel

Niara Comrie
“Empowering Occupational and Physical Therapists with Three-dimensional Printing Technology”

Devenna Dixon
“Real Negus: Exploring Perceptions of Blackness”

Richard DeShay Elliott
McNair Scholar
“It’s Just A Jump To The Right: How The Tea Party Has Affected Conservative Discourse”

Isabel Geisler
Winter Researcher
“Preventing gender violence and discrimination in Latin America”

Marshal Golden Flora Caroline Maniraj

Marshal Golden
URA Scholar
“Respectable Violence: Boxing Regulation and Victorian Moral Reform”

Flora Kirk
Humanities Scholar
“Roman Coins in the Second and Third Century AD and their Role in Immortalizing Emperors”

Caroline Larkin
Meyerhoff Scholar
“A Computational Method for Inferring Mathematical Models and Optimal Treatments of Tumor Sub-Clonal Dynamics “

Maniraj Jeyaraju
URA Scholar
“Ethnographic Study of Cardiovascular Disease Attitudes among Adolescents in India”

Ugonna Stephanie Sarah Himadri

Ugonna Mbaekwe
ABRCMS Scholar
“Screening Small Molecule Ligands with the Core Encapsidation Signal of the HIV-1 RNA Genome”

Stephanie Milani
CWIT-Affiliated Researcher
“R-AMDP: Model-Based Learning for Abstract Markov Decision Process Hierarchies”

Sarah Miller
Linehan Scholar
“Photographic Documentation to Augment Anthropological and Environmental Research on Rio Doce Mining Disaster”

Himadri Patel
URA Scholar
“Brain Mechanisms of Stress-Induced Analgesia “

Sarah Sean Rebekah Gabrielle

Sarah Pollock
“Engineering of the FRB Domain of the Mechanistic Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) to Probe Transient Interactions”

Sean Radaskiewicz
URA Scholar
“Station North, Baltimore: Homelessness and the Individual”

Rebekah Rashford
URA Scholar
“Ribosomal Protein Binding during Ribosomal RNA Maturation”

Gabrielle Salib
Meyerhoff Scholar
“Exploring Potential Benefits of Three-Dimensional Printing Technology in Elementary School Settings”

Carly Sigfredo Kate Nicholas

Carly Sciandra
“Structure and Mechanism
of an RNA Thermosensor”

Sigfredo Soto
URA Scholar
“Numerical Modelling of the Gamma-Ray Emission Detected from Extragalactic Relativistic Jets”

Caitlin Stone
Summer researcher
“The Costs of Good Karma: The Effects of Fangsheng on the Chinese Environment and Society”

Nicholas Vaccaro
URA Scholar
“Detection of Specific Single Soft Particles Binding to E-AB Sensors in Real Time”

*URCADian ~ One who participates at URCAD

Alumni | 2006 – 2009 | 2009 – 2010 | 2010 – 2011 | 2011 – 2012 | 2012 – 2013 | 2013 – 2014 |
2014 – 2015 | 2015 – 2016 | 2016 – 2017 | 2017 – 2018 | 2018 – 2019 | 2019 – 2020