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Student Researchers

Finding Assistance For Your Research

Allison Kelly


  • Define the “help” you need on the continuum from task-based to nearly independent work on a project segment
  • Name the skills and attributes a student would need to possess for this role
  • Decide the amount of time needed per week or month and approximately when it should be (work day, weekend, etc.)

Identify potential students:

  • Consider eager, attentive, capable students in your classes
  • Ask current undergraduate or graduate student researchers in your department
  • Consult with colleagues or your chair
  • Approach the department Council of Majors
  • Announce the opening in your class or a class taught by a colleague
  • Ask April L. Householder, Ph.D., who hears regularly from students seeking research opportunities
  • Post information on your web page
  • Contact UMBCWorks

Make it known that you are open to mentoring a student in his or her own work.

  • Communicate your own research and creative interests in class and on your web site
  • Name students and projects you have mentored
  • Offer to discuss the value of independent projects with students in your Council of Majors

Learn about campus-wide programs to support undergraduate researchers: