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Undergraduate Research Awards for 2017-2018 have been awarded for 66 student research projects involving 672 students in disciplines and departments across campus. Feel free to read the abstracts that summarize each research project, and mark your calendars to attend Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 to see these students present their research findings.

Click the names below to read individual abstracts

Adamson, Elise Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering
Amason, Joshua Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Aris, Hannah Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering
Auer, Sarah Riley Ancient Studies
Belluomo, Kyle Physics
Booker, Renee English
Borja, Cara Psychology
Canales, Gabriela Biological Sciences
Castro, Kristofer Psychology
Christhilf, Jennifer Geography and Environmental Systems
Cirincione, Ann Bioinformatics
Dan, Stephen Dance
DeNigris, Natalie Physics
Fernando, Nimasha Biological Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies
Golden, Marshal History
Hallworth, Amelia Biological Sciences
Jeyaraju, Maniraj Interdisciplinary Studies
Johnson, Da’Kuawn Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Kirk, Flora Ancient Studies
Lottermoser, Justine Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Luckin, Jonathan Physics and Mathematics
Mahdi, Navaal Media and Communication Studies
Mellon, Megan Dance
Miller, Sarah Interdisciplinary Studies
Min, Sylvia Biological Sciences
Najmi, Sean Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering
Nguyen, Nhu Chemistry and Biochemistry
Nwaiwu, Vanessa Biological Sciences
Ocasio, Daniel Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering
O’Connor, Brian Chemistry
Pagarigan, Kathleen Chemistry and Biochemistry
Oh, Paul Visual Arts
Patel, Himadri Psychology
Pawar, Sunitha Biological Sciences
Price, Ben Philosophy
Radaskiewicz, Sean Visual Arts
Rashford, Rebekah Biological Sciences
Schanken, Victoria Graphic Design and Print Media
Shah, Aarti Chemistry and Biochemistry
Sievers, Alexander History
Smith, Amelia Biological Sciences
Soto, Sigfredo Physics
Sparklin, Benjamin Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Steinly, Savannah Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering
Tash, Julian Asian Studies and History
Thomas, Zach Music
Vaccaro, Nick Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Whitley, Kevin Physics
Wolfe, Michael Physics
Wu, Henry Biological Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies
Zheng, Yun Yi Media and Communication Studies and Asian Studies