DeLeon L. Gray

DeLeon GrayDeLeon L. Gray

Interdisciplinary Studies
“Social Predictors of Academic Achievement Motivation in Adolescent Mothers”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Charissa Cheah, Department of Psychology

This study focuses on social support received as a predictor of the academic achievement motivation of approximately 100 adolescent mothers ranging from ages 15-19 in Baltimore City. The quality of the relationship between the adolescent mother and her biological mother is expected to be the key predictor of academic achievement motivation. The data for this study will come from an ongoing study at UMBC entitled project ADVANCE. Adolescent mothers will be recruited from the Paquin alternative school for adolescent mothers and various hospitals and clinics in Baltimore, MD. The results from this study will be used by policy makers in assessing and funding current and future educational programs for the educational attainment of adolescent mothers.

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