Aramide Awosika

Major: Health Administration and Policy
Minor: Management of Aging Services
“Future Health Services for Aging Baby Boomers”


The purpose of this research is to identify health services for Baby Boomers in the next twenty to thirty years. The option to age in place for older adults is highly desirable, and through research professionals in the field can better understand services to meet the needs of this aging population. I began my research by conducting short interviews and participants were professionals in the field of aging. By identifying appropriate services we can offer different options for retirement instead of institutionalized settings for older adults. This will ensure outstanding public access to programs and options of health service organizations to promote independent and successful aging.

When did you join the McNair program?
I joined the McNair program January 2014.

How did you find out about McNair?
I found out about the program from other McNair Scholars and they spoke highly of the program.

What have you gained from being a McNair scholar?
I learned the essentials of becoming a professional and how to make great connections with people. Also, I gained research experience, learned how to prepare for graduate school, and how to present research at conferences. The program helped me understand how to explore different career paths and finding what graduate program would be best for my academic career.

What is your most recent (or most interesting) independent research project?
My current research topic is Future Health Services for Aging Baby Boomers. The purpose of this research is to identify health services that will benefit the health of this aging population and future generations. This research project will bring awareness of future health services and provided other alternatives to caring for Boomers. The health services provided to older adults today will not be the same for Boomers in the next twenty to thirty years. Identifying future health services now can better prepare health professionals and service organizations for the future in regards to this population.

How did you find your mentor for this project?
I contacted my mentor, Galina Madjaroff via e-mails; she was referred from another professor in the department of Management of Aging Services.

How did you know this was the project you wanted to do?
My interests stemmed from my major Health Administration and minor Management of Aging Services, and I thought it would be great to combine the two. Essentially people are living longer and the traditional approach to caring for the elderly is no longer desirable among Boomers. Along with my educational background its important to understand the needs and future services of this demographic because Baby Boomers are the largest generation in American history.

How much time do you put into it?
I am truly dedicated to my research so it’s important that I dedicated three to fours a day during the summer.

What academic background did you have before you started?
I completed a course about research methods and I completed my major requirements in Health Administration. I was finishing up my minor in Management of Aging Services before I began my research, which helped me understand the needs of Baby Boomers.

How much did your mentor help you with your research?
Professor Madjaroff helped me greatly with finding professionals in the field to provide me with new insightful information on aging services and projected future demands regarding Baby Boomers. My mentor gave me great advice about conducting research and preparing me for presentations.

What is your advice to other students about getting involved in research?
Research is a great experience to do as an undergraduate student because it opens opportunities to further research in another country, gives you that edge on your graduate school applications, and if your not familiar with research you are boarding your horizons. Taking the necessary step to further your academic career is essential and having this under your belt as undergraduate student can only be beneficial.

What are your career goals?
After I complete my undergraduate degree, I plan on attending graduate school immediately to complete my masters and PhD.

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