URCAD 2011 Videos

Video Screenings


by Diego Tapia

Always Wanting More

by Christine Osazuwa

The Life of an Assasin

by Daniel Vakharia

Videos of Presentations

Moving to Water

Emily Kimak, Interdisciplinary Studies
Mentor: Ms. Carol Hess

Always Wanting More: Access, Entitlement and Expectations of Popular Music Bands in the Age of Social Media

Christine Osazuwa, Interdisciplinary Studies
Mentor: Mr. Frederic Worden

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Life on “Mars”: Diversity of Endolithic Microorganisms in a Terrestrial Martian Analog

Donna Viola, Interdisciplinary Studies
Mentors: Dr. Ian M. George and Stephen Freeland

Historic Preservation: Developing Sense of Place on the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Campus

Joe Wesolowski, Interdisciplinary Studies
Mentors: Dr. Denise Meringolo, Preminda Jacob and Carrie Sauter