Presentations Guidelines for Posters

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Creating Your Poster

Most effective, informative, interesting posters have the following in common:

  • Language that is easy to understand and that is free of jargon
  • Large, easy-to-read typefaces with informative subheadings
  • Legible colors and layout
  • Small “chunks” of information rather than long paragraphs of text
  • Orderly, logical progression of information
  • Informative summary statement or title for each element or panel

Elements of a Poster

Draft and format the information you want to present in each of these areas:

  • Title/Banner (Typically shorter than your formal research project title)
  • Author(s), department(s), affiliation (UMBC)
  • Overview/background of the topic area
  • Statement of the research question
  • Definitions of technical terms, if necessary
  • Methodology
  • Findings/data
  • Interpretation/discussion of findings
  • Conclusions
  • Future research suggested by findings
  • Acknowledgements of individuals/organizations that contributed to this project. This typically repeats the funding acknowledgement from your URCAD abstract.

Points to Remember

  • Use a font size of at least 28 points for text. Titles and subheadings should be even larger (36 to 48 point) so that they stand out.
  • Make your presentation understandable to educated laymen.
  • Define ALL technical terms. If certain terms are used throughout your poster, you can include a panel that lists definitions.
  • Use bullets and/or boldface to highlight the most important points.
  • Include a summary of the most important points, and a statement of the “take-home” message. This should be the last element or panel of the poster.
  • Don’t pounce on people as they approach. Let them read and ask a question.

Additional Resources

Dr. Raimi Quiton
Department of Psychology, 5-51277

Mr. Timothy Phin
Department of Ancient Studies

Dr. April Householder
Office of Undergraduate Research, 5-5754

Mr. Devon Fick
Office of Undergraduate Research, 5-5513

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