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An example of research created by our Asian Studies Cohort:
“Analysis of the Hukou System in China”
Amy Fowler
Dr. Ka-Che Yip, Professor

The hukou system is the household registration system in China that limits internal migration and determines how social services are allotted. Generally, citizens have either a rural or urban hukou which is passed down from their parents, and household registration is difficult to change. China has experienced a dramatic economic and social transformation since hukou was adopted in the 1950s. It has allowed selective migration to meet the demands of a growing economy in the last 20 to 30 years. Hukou plays a significant role in determining the rights and benefits available to Chinese citizens and has effectively made those who migrate into second class citizens, denying them the best jobs, education for their children, medical care, housing and other benefits. The public’s growing dissatisfaction with the hukou system could threaten social stability in China. As China’s economy grows, the trend is likely to continue. My research will take me to Beijing, China, where I will be conducting interviews and using other resources such as newspapers, periodicals, and archival materials. The scope of research will explore the origins of the hukou system, its evolution, and impact on society. Further study will include the government’s role and the future of the system.

Caitlin Stone
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Benefits for Asian Studies students:

  • Work with a faculty member
  • Experience hands-on research
  • Reinforce classroom learning
  • Prepare for work or graduate school
  • Travel to national conferences
  • Receive grant funding
  • Publish independent research

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