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For Faculty

Campus-Wide Undergraduate Research Programs

Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD)

Assignments other faculty members have used to encourage URCAD attendance.

Undergraduate Research Awards (URA)
Summer Research Opportunities
UMBC Review
Travel support for undergraduates presenting at conferences
Campus Research Conferences


Communication about Undergraduate Research Programs

Dear Colleagues… (a message you can share)   

Research Powerpoints for use in class (PPT or PDF version): pdf icon 

How to get started in research (information to share with students) 

Steps to summer research (a guide for students) 

How to write a successful URA proposal (for students) 


Advice/Assistance for Mentors

Application Guide for URA, URCAD, and UMBC Review 

Finding a student researcher and helping a student researcher to find you

How to be an effective mentor

The URA letter of recommendation

Writing Letters of Recommendation by Joe Schall

Typical assignments for students to attend URCAD


Stephen Miller

URCAD Committee Chair

Stephen Miller

Department of Biological Sciences

ext. 5-3381


URA Committee Chair 

Vin Grabill

Department of Visual Arts

ext. 5-1656